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BREAKING: Politico Newsroom Has Cockroaches

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Does Politico have an aversion to exterminators?

They have a long, storied history with mice in the newsroom in their suburban Virginia office space paid for by its filthy rich owner Robert Allbritton. The publisher lives in a mansion in Georgetown where no doubt mice and bugs are a scarcity.

Now the newsroom has cockroaches? Gross!

During the season of mice, an undisclosed mischievous Politico employee created a Twitter account for the mouse. Management promptly banned the account. (The pub shouldn’t feel too badly — WaPo, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, has a history of mice in its cafeteria. The health department even had to temporarily shut it down.)

Maybe someone should create an account for Politico‘s cockroach?

In the meantime, thanks to Politico‘s gossip anthropologist Kate Bennett, the latest roach to surface is now dead.

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Cockroaches are not unheard of in the Rosslyn newsroom. “I recall some drama about cockroaches back in the day — falling from the ceilings and the like,” said a source. “I never saw anything, though.”

Politico did not reply to The Mirror‘s request for comment on whether management will be calling in an exterminator.

UPDATE: Politico is moving its office next week, which may have given the cockroaches a case of premature separation anxiety. “Everyone is packing up for our move next week, maybe they’re just trying to hitch a ride?” a source suggested to The Mirror.