Bruce Jenner’s Supporters Are Bullies Who Don’t Care About Him

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Bruce Jenner’s supporters are bullies hiding behind the vague ideal of acceptance to push a political agenda, and they don’t care if they hurt confused teenagers in the process.

After Jenner appeared with prosthetic breasts and women’s clothing on the cover of Vanity Fair with the header “Call Me Caitlyn,” BuzzFeed senior entertainment editor Jarett Wieselman kicked off a bullying campaign to stop people from calling the guy Bruce.

“Stop. Calling. Her. Bruce. Jenner.” Wieselman warned in five complete sentences.

Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey jumped in, creating a Twitter robot to bully people and news organizations into stop saying “he.”

But it was Wieselman who managed to say one of the most creepy and revealing things I’ve ever heard from the progressive movement.

“Welcome @Caitlyn_Jenner, we’ve been waiting for you with open arms.”

We’ve been waiting for you? What the hell?

First of all, who is “we”? I certainly haven’t been waiting for Bruce Jenner to do anything, so clearly I’m not part of this super-inclusive group of millenials that Wieselman is speaking for. And why were they waiting?

Gee, we really want to appreciate that ’70s Olympian Bruce Jenner as a human being. But we have to wait for him to do something about that dick.

Here’s guessing Wieselman and his full-of-love Gen-Y friends wouldn’t have welcomed Bruce Jenner with open arms if he’d, say, backed out of the whole “transitioning” process halfway through and called it a stupid idea. Something tells me that Wieselman and his friends would probably have turned on Jenner if he’d done that, written a bunch of things on the Internet calling Jenner a bigot, boycotted all Jenner-endorsed products, and then gone back to waiting for some other interchangeable B-list celebrity to mangle his penis. (RELATED: I Talk To Gavin McInnes About ‘Transphobia’ Mobs).

Actually, that’s almost what Bruce Jenner did.

Vanity Fair recalls Jenner, reeling from a 10-hour facial reconstruction surgery, wondering, “What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?”

Luckily, help was on the way:

“A counselor from the Los Angeles Gender Center came to the house so Jenner could talk to a professional, and assured her that such reactions were often induced by pain medication, and that second-guessing was human and temporary.”

What is the Los Angeles Gender Center?

The Los Angeles Gender Center is a transsexual counseling center that works with both adults and children.

“Society often encourages children to participate in ‘gender typical’ behaviors. Some children are not comfortable with this resolution,” according to the Gender Center website.

“Because some doctors require letters, primarily for surgeries, we provide this service,” the Gender Center states. “However, we believe that trans people should have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. Cisgender people (those who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth) make radical decisions all of the time regarding plastic surgeries, medical interventions, and other body altering procedures. Regardless of the intention, withholding the same rights from trans people is discrimination.” (Numerous calls to the Gender Center Monday proved fruitless).

NEXT PAGE: Meanwhile, Democrats Aim To Ban Conversion Therapy

So Jenner’s second thoughts were chalked up to pain pills. Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers are trying to ban the practice of “conversion therapy,” which counsels gay people in how to adapt to a heterosexual lifestyle.

Democratic Sens. Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown recently joined with more than twenty other Democratic senators to introduce a resolution formally condemning conversion therapy.

“This resolution seeks to unite members of the Senate around the idea that this shameful practice has no place in our society,” said Booker.

The White House said that it would “welcome congressional action” against conversion therapy.

Bisexual (but married to a man) Oregon Gov. Kate Brown just signed a ban on conversion therapy for minors, joining the governors of California and New Jersey and the city government of Washington, D.C.

“We hope Oregon will prove to be just the first of many states to ban this harmful and discredited practice that uses rejection, shame and psychological abuse aimed at changing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity/expression,” said someone from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

So, hold on a minute. Changing your “gender identity/expression” is bad if you’re a gay kid learning how to be straight, but not if you’re a wealthy reality TV star putting new mega-boobs on your Olympian male body?

How can the Left justify the supposedly virtuous work of the Los Angeles Gender Center — which counsels mentally ill celebrities to go the surgical distance — and then condemn conversion therapy, which offers Christian parents a resource to help their confused teenage kids? Conversion therapists are legally banned from working with minors while the Los Angeles Gender Center has an entire “Children & Adolescents” practice.

What is really going on here? The truth is: counselors of any persuasion are not really a threat to vulnerable teenagers. But the media is.

Jenner’s supporters at BuzzFeed and The Washington Post just want to bully through any kind of change that attacks the traditional American standard. It’s empty-minded cultural agitation. Idiot young people get to feel good about themselves for joining in with Valerie Jarrett and congratulating Bruce Jenner’s bold, heroic cross-dressing, and if they bully some poor teenager into making a surgical mistake then, well, that’s just collateral damage. (Bruce still has his penis, by the way, so the balls have yet to drop on a new year).

I don’t know Bruce Jenner. I do, however, know some transgender people and I count them as friends. One of them is named Bee Jones, and she writes a recurring Daily Caller column called “View From The Third Bathroom.” Here’s what she had to say about the political movement that wants to bully people into what she makes clear is a costly and commitment-heavy lifelong process:

“The movement of today clobbers you over the head with, ‘This is who I am!’ and the discussion is over. It’s very take it or leave it. God forbid you have any questions, you transphobe!…Maybe not everyone gets to become a woman. It’s easy for me to say because I’m one of the chosen ones. I’ve known more than a few “girls” coming up that undoubtedly had and still have transgendered hearts. But they realized that this life would be just too challenging for them and adjusted accordingly. My view of today’s movement is that anyone, even the grossest, bad TV-y tranny going, is encouraged to pursue her dreams of womanhood. It ain’t easy.”

The media gave us Bruce Jenner’s transformation into “Caitlyn” in the most easily digestible, daytime-TV, “Before-and-After” format. One minute he’s an aging athlete. POOF! Now he’s a big-titted Vanity Fair cover model and everybody has to pretend that he’s hot, or something. And BuzzFeed is already using his life decision to try to trap Republican candidates into saying the wrong thing.

Therein lies the problem with our national referendum on caring: the only people who care actually don’t.

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