Larry Sabato: Hillary ‘Acting As Though She’s Allergic To The Press,’ ‘Real People’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Political scientist Larry Sabato took aim at Hillary Clinton Wednesday, remarking that she is “acting as though she allergic to the press” and “real people” during her presidential campaign thus far.

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Sabato, who serves as the director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, added that Clinton cannot run a presidential campaign “in a hermetically sealed fashion” or “a bubble.”

“Look, here’s the problem Hillary Clinton has: She is acting as though she is allergic to the press that she’s been dealing with for nearly a quarter-century nationally, and even before that in Arkansas,” Sabato said. “And she and her campaign act like she’s allergic to real people who haven’t been pre-vetted and pre-selected because they’re harmless.”

“She’s running a national campaign for president. You cannot do it in a hermetically-sealed fashion,” said the well-respected political prognosticator. “And so far that’s exactly what her campaign has been: a bubble.”