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The Many Angry Faces Of MSNBC’s Ed Schultz [VIDEO]

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Sweet Ed Schultz doesn’t have a temper does he?

Actually, yes, he does.

There are stories about him allegedly displaying his legendary anger in a 2007 bar fight.

But for a taste of his many angry faces, a viewer can look to his 2011 deposition for a lawsuit brought against him by NBC producer and sound engineer Michael Queen for breach of partnership.There’s sarcastic Ed. There’s smirking Ed. There’s condescendingly nasty Ed, who obviously thinks Queen’s lawyer Mark Lane is the dumbest person on the planet.

“Everyone?” he asks incredulously. “Did you use the word EVERYONE?”

His rudeness toward reporters really knows no bounds. In the recent trial against him — which he won — he refused to talk to any reporters in the courtroom. When a reporter did try to speak to him in the cafeteria, he snarled, “Don’t talk to me!” When I tried to ask him a question, he rolled his eyes and walked away, prompting laughter from a security officer.


Video effects by Grae Stafford. 

Courtroom graphic by Vanessa Webb.