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Quote of the Day:

“While I’m thrilled to know the American labor movement is alive and well, I never thought Gawker would be the test case to prove that. There’s no reason that so many U.S. workplaces are contentious and I’m very pleased Gawker is leading the movement in the online media world toward collaboration and inclusion.”

Gawker founder Nick Denton on Gawker employees joining the Writers Guild of America.

Journo despises bikes on Metro

“No bikes on the metro during rush hour. No bikes on the metro during rush hour. No bikes on the metro during rush hour. No biked on the metr” — Alex Parker, Bloomberg BNA.


“Since I’m currently transcribing, I’d like to personally apologize for inflicting my voice on the world for the past 26 years.” — BuzzFeed‘s Ellie Hall.

The Dugger Interview: Fallout 

“Why would Duggars invite the scrutiny that comes w/ a reality show while hiding a dark secret? Answer was absurd.” — FNC’s Howard Kurtz.

“Think the Duggars just said the media is a bigger predator than a sexual molester.” — National Journal reporter Ron Fournier.

Important Q to ask: “Want to know the moment when Ed Schultz lost his mind? It’s now. He is yelling at a picture of Obama.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Alyssa Cannobio.

Politico reporter hates the weather 

“The Midwesterner in me accepts not all summer days will be warm, but I’ve had it with this lousy Smarch weather in June.” — Politico‘s Tal Kopan.

The mystery of Lincoln Chafee

“Wonder if John Chafee is looking down on all this thinking the money invested in sending Lincoln to horsehoeing school was well spent.” — Washington Examiner‘s Jim Antle.

Speaking of Chafee…

“Hillary campaign not responding to my question re: her position on the metric system. Advantage: Chafee.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Media Matters dude confused by who he hates most on Twitter

“Im never sure who’s worse on twitter: right wing idiot trolls or the uber left perpetually in college mode. prob a push.” — Media MattersOliver Willis.

New York Post‘s Page Six shows incredible sensitivity toward Caitlyn Jenner’s gender


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