Lecherous Cop Costs NYC $45,000

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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New York City is paying $45,000 to settle the federal lawsuit of a teenage girl collared after she mouthed off to a flirtatious cop.

But the NYPD refuses to tell the Daily Caller if it is punishing the creepy constable.

On November 4, 2013, Natalie Erlich was hanging out with her friends after school in the Bronx when Officer Jose Peinan and another cop allegedly started hitting on them.

“I had on a camouflage hat and [Peinan] had on camouflage pants,” Erlich, now 19, told The New York Post. He said, ‘We match.’ I brushed him off and I laughed.”

Peinan allegedly followed Erlich when she went around the corner with her friend to buy a cup of hot chocolate.

Peinan queried the teen about her destination. Standoffish, she told him, “I am going home.”

Erlich then asked Peinan if he was a cop. Peinan replied “maybe.”

“That is a cop’s answer,” she snorted.

Four other cops suddenly jumped out of a van, arresting Erlich and her friend.

Pienan told Erlich he was collaring her for “being a smart ass.”

She claims one of the officers who took her into custody touched her breasts.

After being detained for some 19 hours Ehrlich and her friend, Marie Gonzales, were released.

New York City has settled at least three other lawsuits that named Pienan, according to the Post.

The NYPD did not reply to repeated inquiries from TheDC about possible disciplinary actions for Pienan.

Civil libertarian Norm Siegel, who often sues the NYPD but defended the rights of cops to turn their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at public events to protest his alleged anti-police bias, told The DC sanctions are appropriate.

“If the facts as [you] stated them are true the officer should be dismissed or suspended for 6 months and required to attend counseling,” he emailed.