Lindsey Graham Mocks Hillary: ‘It’s Easier To Talk To The North Korean Guy’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham mocked Hillary Clinton’s inaccessibility on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning, saying it was easier to talk to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un. (VIDEO: Lindsey Graham On Obama’s ISIS Strategy: ‘I Don’t Think He Wants To Win’)

HOST ELIZABETH HASSLEBACK: Hillary Clinton will be at a speech in Houston today, where the press will have to stay within the confines of a barricade, saying her speech will be her interview not taking questions. I think one of the benefits of being Americans you get to hear… potential candidates’ views, bold statements of what they’re going to do in a candidate format, a Q & A.

She’s not allowing that. How much is a mistake to the American people not to be able to hear?

GRAHAM: It’s easier to talk to the North Korean guy than it is her. But at the end of the day, when 57 percent of the people don’t trust you, then you got a problem. And you better explain to them they’re wrong. I don’t know how you set the record straight about whether or not you should be trusted if you have a wall between you and the voter.

HOST STEVE DOOCY: Is the strategy with the Clinton campaign to keep her inaccessible as long as possible? She said she doesn’t talk to people.

GRAHAM: Apparently. I don’t know.

HASSLEBACK: It’s a symbol of her election so far.

GRAHAM: I think it’s a lack of confidence in her ability to distinguish herself from Barack Obama. Her biggest nightmare is for somebody to ask her, ‘Do you think the War on Terror is going well? Do you agree with Barack Obama’s foreign policy? And if you don’t, tell us why.’”

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