Maddow: Hillary In Texas To ‘Insert Her ATM Card’ And ‘Withdrawal Campaign Donations’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explained Wednesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making campaign stops in Texas simply to stockpile campaign donations, not win votes.

As Maddow put it, the overwhelming Republican Texas is also home to many high-profile Democratic donors, which Clinton is courting Thursday at campaign fundraisers. She also held fundraisers Wednesday in the state.

“So, Hillary Clinton is in Texas today. She’s going to be in Texas tomorrow as well. She’s not there for the purposes of the Electoral College,” Maddow explained. “She’s not going there because I think anybody has expectations the Democrats are going to win Texas in the presidential election in 2016 unless it is a huge blowout.”

“Rather, the reason Hillary Clinton is in Texas today and tomorrow is ka-ching,” Maddow said while making sound effects. “Even though the state as a whole votes for Republican candidates basically in lockstep, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of rich donor-class Democrats in Texas who are happy to make their money count in national Democratic campaigns, even if their vote at home in Texas really doesn’t count, at least not yet.”

“So, mostly, Hillary Clinton will be going to Texas to insert her proverbial ATM card into the Texas Democratic donor class and withdraw campaign donations,” Maddow said. “I think that’s mostly why she is there, and nobody would say otherwise.”