Obama Administration Transferring More Guantanamo Detainees

REUTERS/Bob Strong

Sam Peterson Contributor
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The Department of Defense has announced plans to transfer more prisoners out of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and is currently in discussions about the countries to which they will be sent.

Numbers at Guantanamo have been steadily declining over the past several years, as many prisoners have either been released or sent to detention centers in other nations.

In the upcoming weeks it is expected that 10 detainees will be removed from the detention center and relocated to other countries, according to Defense One. The 10-person transfer would signal the first actions taken by the current Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who was appointed by President Obama this past February.

Carter took over the role of defense secretary from Chuck Hagel, who had clashed with Obama and his administration on a variety of defense and security issues. In addition to the impending 10-person transfer, another 57 have also been cleared to leave the detention center.

Guantanamo Bay currently houses a total of 122 prisoners, however, that number could easily be cut by roughly 50 percent in the coming months.

Obama arrived in office promising the close Gitmo completely within 12 months.