Rubio: Hillary’s ‘Achilles Heel’ Is Her ‘Abysmal Foreign Policy’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” Thursday that Hillary Clinton was not taking questions to avoid having to answer for her “abysmal foreign policy approach.” (VIDEO: Rubio: ‘Ridiculous And Absurd’ To Believe In Constitutional Right To Gay Marriage)

HOST ANDREA TANTAROS: Senator, what do you think is the most vulnerable Achilles heel of Mrs Clinton? If you had to pick a question that she had to answer what do you think she needs to answer?

RUBIO: What did you achieve as Secretary of State? How do you answer for this abysmal foreign policy approach this White House has taken? Whether its the reset in Russia, pulling out of Iraq too early, mismanaging the Libya experience, I think they have a lot to answer for. And it’s one of the reasons why she probably doesn’t want to be exposed so early to these questions.

HOST KIRSTEN POWERS: Do you think just the fact she won’t take questions is an issue in itself?

RUBIO: I think for the average voter over time it will become an issue. Maybe not today, but certainly over time people wonder why isn’t she holding herself up to same standards of people on other side of the aisle.

But look, her advisers are putting her in a very delicate position because by the time she gets to the general election, if in fact she is in the Democratic nominee she will be running against someone who has been answering questions and dealing with all of this for months. Practice matters and being experienced at these things matter. She is — I think she will struggle with it as a result.


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