How Many People Will Caitlyn Jenner Kill On His New Reality Show While Driving Distractedly?

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After several grueling hours of plastic surgery and a fabulous Annie Leibovitz photo shoot for the July issue of Vanity Fair, the newly-minted Caitlyn Jenner is also unveiling a new reality show.

The show, “I Am Cait,” will debut later this month on E! Entertainment Television.

Judging from the E! Entertainment promotional video, the producers of the show will show Jenner, 65, doing things like applying cosmetics to himself and traveling in vehicles.

You can see the promo clip below.

For nearly half the video, Jenner appears in vehicles. Beginning at the 34-second mark, he can be seen driving some kind of fancy, four-seater all-terrain vehicle. He yammers while driving.

“OK, we’re officially off the property,” he says to his three passengers as he careens down a hill with his hands slumped atop the steering wheel. “We’re out into the world.”

In February of this year, Jenner appears to have been at fault in a horrible, fatal four-car crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Calif.

Surveillance video shows Jenner’s black Cadillac Escalade SUV plowing into the back end of a white Lexus and launching it toward an oncoming Hummer, according to the New York Daily News.

The driver of the Lexus, 60-year-old Kimberly Howe, died.

Jenner walked away with minor injuries.

Last month, Jenner was served with wrongful-death lawsuit for his role in the crash. Howe’s stepchildren claim that Jenner’s negligence caused his black Cadillac Escalade SUV to strike the rear of Howe’s Lexus, “propelling her vehicle into the opposite lanes of traffic.”

“Ms. Howe’s vehicle was then struck head-on by another vehicle, killing her,” the lawsuit claims, according to CNN.

The last 19 seconds of the promo for the “I Am Cait” video show Jenner in the backseat of a luxury automobile.

“It’s so bright out there! Look at that!” he says at one point.

“I’m the new normal,” he also declares, with a smug grin of satisfaction.

The amount of money Jenner will receive for his new reality show remains undisclosed.


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