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Just Before He Got Shot, The Guy Who Wanted To Behead A Boston Cop Called His Dad To Say Goodbye

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Revealing evidence of premeditation is racist.

Laurel J. Sweet, Chris Cassidy, and Bob McGovern, Boston Herald:

A Roslindale man the FBI says was buying military knives in a plot to behead police officers had suspected links to “terrorist elements” and called his father before he was fatally shot Tuesday to tell him goodbye, the Herald has learned.

U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch told the Herald he has seen documents that appear to link Usaamah Rahim to terrorism. The 26-year-old security guard was shot dead by a Boston cop and FBI agent in a Roslindale parking lot after he came at them with a knife, police said…

Authorities… learned of a conversation between Rahim and his father made just before the shooting in which the son said his goodbyes to his dad, according to Herald sources. The chilling conversation was caught by investigators while Rahim was under 24-hour surveillance, and authorities said they feared he was about to launch a horrific attack.

Rahim’s defenders insist he was just minding his own business, and the cops shot him for no reason. It’s merely a coincidence that he had just said his goodbyes to his father. One thing has no bearing whatsoever on the other.

Let’s all step back a moment and remember the real victims here: Muslims who get dirty looks on the subway. #illridewithyou

This is all Pamela Geller’s fault, of course.