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Quote of the Day:

“3 spoonfuls of 4 day old quinoa is totally dinner.”

Shani O. Hilton, Executive Editor of News, BuzzFeed News.

Sarcasm is…

“Feminism: providing free pr to women in showbiz/ writing exactly what they say we should write.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

Women in media: how do they stack up against male counterparts? 

“Number 9: spanx.” — Jamie Stelter, traffic anchor, NY1, wife of CNN’s Brian Stelter, reacting to a story about 8 sad truths about women in media. Read the 8 items here.

How to break a gigantic story…

“I’m a document hound. If I’ve got your documents, I know all about you,” he said. “This journalism business is easy, you know. You just find some disgraceful, disgustingly corrupt people and you work on it! You have to. That’s what we do. The rest of the media gets far too cozy with them. It’s wrong. Your mother told you what was wrong. You know what’s wrong. Our job is to investigate, acquire evidence.” — Andrew Jennings to WaPo. Jennings is the 73-year-old journalist who broke the story of the FIFA scandal.

Oh boy does Mr. Trump like to brag

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VandeHei likes the word “crap” 

“I wouldn’t assume there’s a lot of long-term value to old brands. The brands that will be big are the ones that are evolving for their audience. The consumer doesn’t give a crap about your name if it isn’t delivering what they want.” — Politico President and CEO Jim VandeHei to Digiday. Read the whole interview here. See another instance in which he used the word “crap” here.

Piers Morgan is REALLY disgusted by the Duggars FNC interview

“They want to continue being TV stars. That means putting their 19 kids on public display at the same time they are demanding privacy for them. This actually makes me laugh, it’s so incredibly dumb.” — Piers Morgan in a column for Daily Mail. The headline: “19 disgusting things I learned about the Duggars from their TV interview… and counting.” See the other 18 things here.

Chris Hayes should not quite MSNBC for “The Voice”

“So great. she’s so nervous and pitchy but then settles in.” — MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Madonna singing “Like a Virgin” at the 1984 MTV Music Awards. Watch here.

More ex-Speaker Denny Hastert scandal fallout…

“During Mark Foley page scandal in 1996, ABC News could not corroborate sexual abuse allegations against Hastert.” — Scott Wong, The Hill. Read more from ABC News here.

WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery needs cheering up? 

“In line at &Pizza and a Ja Rule track comes on – literally the only combination of things that could cheer me up.” — Wesley Lowery just after midnight Friday morning. Wesley was upset because the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors in game 1 of the NBA finals.

Reporter discusses wet willy 

“If you read this tweet without understanding my motives, you’ve just given me a wet willy. Please don’t give me a wet willy.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Spotted at Old Ebbitt Grill: The Daily Caller‘s Alex Pappas