Ted Cruz Labels Walker, Rubio And Jeb As ‘Moderate’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Ted Cruz, describing political strategy in a recent newspaper interview, labeled Republican presidential frontrunners Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush as “moderates” in the primary contest.

Speaking to the Raleigh News & Observer ahead of a weekend visit to North Carolina, Cruz said: “I think Walker and Rubio will become the chief moderate rivals for Jeb Bush in that bracket.”

Walker of Wisconsin and Rubio and Bush of Florida would all contest the characterization that they aren’t conservative. That’s the bracket the Texas senator says he best represents.

“I think my natural bracket is the conservative/Tea Party bracket which is about 25 percent of the typical Republican primary,” Cruz said.

Cruz also told the paper that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham also fit into the “moderate” bracket.

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