Scott Walker: Hillary’s Voter ID Stance ‘Out Of Touch’ With ‘Mainstream Americans’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In an interview Sunday with CNN’s Dana Bash, Republican Wisconsin Gov. and potential 2016 candidate Scott Walker hit back at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Wisconsin’s voter ID laws, calling her “out of touch” on the issue. (VIDEO: Scott Walker: Clintons Believe ‘There’s A Different Set Of Rules’ For Them)

“Hillary Clinton called you out by name this week talking about voting rights, saying you cut back early voting and you signed legislation making it harder for college students to vote,” Bash noted.

“Our legislation makes it easy to vote but hard to cheat,” he responded. “And that’s something that I think puts— Hillary Clinton’s opposition to that puts her out of touch with the vast majority of mainstream Americans out there, who think pulling out a photo ID is a perfectly logical and common sense thing to do.”

“…In our state, we make [ID] available for free upon request, so there’s no economic barrier,” Walker said. “So people can easily get a photo identification. All they have to do is bring that to the polling place and show it.”

Voter ID laws, Walker concluded, were “a common sense reform that most Americans overwhelmingly support. It’s why her opposition I think really puts her out of touch of where most Americans are at.” (VIDEO: Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton ‘Embodies All The Things We Think Of Washington’)

The most recent poll on the matter found nearly 80 percent of American voters support voter ID laws, including majorities of African-Americans and Democrats.


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