Man Films Himself Dancing in 100 Places

Alexis Gulino Contributor

In 2011, inspired by the saying, “You only live once”, Matt Bray founded the YouTube channel, ProjectOneLife, through which he records himself and his friends completing items on his bucket list.

Last year, he posted a YouTube video titled “100 Days of Dance”, in which he filmed himself with a GoPro doing the same dance moves in his room every day for 100 days.

Just two days ago, he released a new video, which introduced via Twitter as “the official sequel to 100 days of dance”. Much like last year, the video is of Bray dancing, but this time the Illinois native is filmed in 100 places around Chicago.


Already, the new video has amassed over 228,000 views and over 4,000 likes.

Of its increasing popularity, Bray told The Daily Caller, “It’s amazing when you create something and so many people appreciate not just the video but all the hard work you put into the video.”

He said added, “Creating videos is my passion and receiving positive attention is always such a motivator.”

The video, which is less than three minutes long, features Bray in an expertly edited montage, moving his feet and the rest of his body to the LCAW remix of Parov Stelar’s The Sun ft. Graham Candy.

When asked about his dancing background, Bray explained that Bucket List #22 was to learn to dance.

“However I felt that my dancing is still quite terrible so I have left that bucket list item unchecked for now,” Bray added.

Despite this, he said he likes dancing because its fun and a great way to express oneself.

His choreography is an amalgamation of imitated moves from TV, movies, and music videos .Bray practiced the routine three times a day for a month

Other episodes include learning how to solve a Rubiks Cube, learning how to MoonWalk, and running a marathon.