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UK’s Independent Party Says Breitbart London’s New Editor Was Not Sacked

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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UKIP, England’s right-wing party, has written to declare that Breitbart London’s new Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam was not fired from his previous post as Nigel Farage‘s chief of staff.

The Mirror never reported that Kassam was fired.

But good of them to write in and let us know. We love pen pals!

To recap what The Mirror did report:

  • Two journalists from Breitbart London are renegotiating their contracts because they do not want to work directly for Kassam. They are James Delingpole and Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • The UK pub The Commenter heavily insinuated that Kassam was fired from his position with UIKIP. Kassam said he was on holiday and that his job was ending in the appropriate time frame.

A source from the UKIP disputes the assertion by London’s The Commentator that he may have been fired.

Dear Betsy,

I am writing to you for and on behalf of the UK Independence Party. My name is Steve Stanbury and I am the Party Director. Please consider the following on the record.

I noticed your article about my former colleague Raheem Kassam, and I wanted to take the opportunity to set the record straight for you, so there is no confusion.

Firstly, Raheem was not “sacked” or “fired” and his tenure as Nigel’s Chief of Staff was nothing short of excellent. Nigel himself has said this on a number of occasions, and even credited, on national television, a major part of UKIP’s 4m votes at the election on Kassam’s successful digital strategy.

Finally, there are no “financial illegalities” to speak of or report. It appears you have been spun a yarn. I understand “The Commentator” website was co-launched by Kassam, and a scorned former business partner is simply attempting to harass Raheem into submission. UKIP’s hiring policies would have flagged up any such allegations, as you can imagine working for a national party leader would. I’m pleased to say there is nothing of the sort in Kassam’s past.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Kind regards,

Steve Stanbury

Editor’s note: It’s all fine and well that UKIP is declaring publicly that Kassam was not fired. The Mirror thanks him for this submission. Stanbury “understands” that a “scorned former business partner” is trying to “harass Raheem into submission.” And yes, Mr. Stanbury, I have received your email.