A Minor Auto Accident Can Cause Chronic Headaches

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Too often, chronic headaches, including migraines, are the result of anything from a simple fender bender to a more major motor vehicle accident. For many, relief is as close as their dentist’s office — even years later.
“We recently helped a 106-year-old patient who had suffered from decades of chronic headaches resulting from an auto accident in 1964. She had seen multiple specialists without relief. She has not had a single headache since her TruDenta care,” reported Dr. Sheila Birth of Birth-Stewart-Fletcher Orthodontics, Ft. Worth, Texas.
Extensive research now shows that many headaches — up to 80 percent — are the result of dental force imbalances. Dental force problems can often result from a micro or macro trauma to the head, neck, face or jaw. In addition to vehicle accidents, lasting effects can result from a simple fall or from playing soccer or other sports years ago.
Symptoms can range from frequent headaches or migraines, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo or TMJ disorder (pain in your jaw, face, neck or ears). Each of these symptoms can dramatically impact day-to-day life in other ways — depression, fatigue, stress and anxiety are all common among these sufferers, as well as a statistically lower overall quality of life.
Now there is help with the non-invasive TruDenta system, available at more than 400 dental and orthodontic offices in 47 states.
Diagnosis is quick and easy. Potential candidates for TruDenta treatments are examined using a digital bite force analyzer to pinpoint imbalances in the bite. In just 15 minutes, a trained dental professional can determine whether the patient’s symptoms are related to improper or imbalanced dental forces.
The TruDenta system has provided relief to thousands of headache sufferers.
The treatments are painless, pleasant, and require no drugs or needles and use technologies and modalities that were originally developed — and perfected by — physicians in sports medicine. TruDenta dentists have been able to rapidly and painlessly resolve issues for 95 percent of their diagnosed patients with lasting results.
TruDenta care is often covered by medical insurance. Fee for service is also an option, and most TruDenta doctors provide a free consultation.
For a free Headache Diary, please visit http://info.trudenta.com/headachediary.
To learn more, please visit www.TruDenta.com/NUSA2.

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