W.H. Reporter To Earnest: Does Michelle O Know Robert Gibbs Is Going To McDonalds? [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Anyone wondering what Michelle Obama thinks about Robert Gibbs taking a new gig with McDonalds? You aren’t alone.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, AFP’s Andrew Beatty asked press secretary Josh Earnest whether the first lady had been informed of Gibbs newly-announced role as McDonald’s executive vice president and global chief communications officer.

Earnest was unsure if she was aware.

“Has anybody told the First Lady about Robert Gibbs going to McDonalds?” Beatty asked as the White House press corps chuckled along.

“I’m not sure she’s received the news,” Earnest said before praising his former boss. “So, obviously, I had a chance to work closely with Robert, both on the campaign and here at the White House, and the folks at McDonalds have just hired themselves one of the most effective and articulate communications professionals in the country.”


[h/t: Free Beacon]