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George Stephanopoulos’ Wife Tried Botox Because He’s A Sexual Icon

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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George Stephanopoulos may have bigger problems than looking like a sympathetic $75K friend to the Clintons as the 2016 presidential election marches closer.

His wife, comedian Ali Wentworth, went on ABC’s “The Chew” Wednesday with a rather jarring confessional. She was there to promote her new book Happily Ali After.

Wentworth turned 50 in January and says she immediately went into a tailspin of trying to be the perfect wife. She started working out. She got Botox (which she says hurt, although to be fair, she’s has always been open about her efforts to look young. In 2012, she dished to Elle about going under the knife for $7,000 eye surgery — blepharoplasty — to get rid of her bags.)

She blames the Botox on that butterball of an HBO “Girls” star Lena Dunham, who Wentworth says went on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and told her husband that he was a sexual icon.

“I tried botox because my husband is a sexual icon,” she said, clearly annoyed with the pressure Dunham put on her by making such a declaration.

She opened up to Chef Mario Batali like he was her therapist. “The only thing I do think is not fair is we go through hormonal issues, you don’t,” she said. “…By the way, I am going to go through menopause when my girls are having their periods.”

Wentworth told Batali that she informed Stephanopoulos that when menopause hits, he’s going to have to move out. “I don’t care if you date, just get out of here,” she said she told him.

Aside from Botox, Wentworth tried spray tanning.

“I had a Russian woman spray tan me like an exterminator,” she said.