Hillary’s On Instagram And Posting Photos Of…Her Pantsuits?

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Hillary Clinton’s social media presence is trending. On Wednesday, Hillary inaugurated her first Instagram account and posted her first photo of her pantsuit options lined up to be red, white and blue.

The caption: “Hard choices.”

Hard choices.

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

Pantsuits are well known as Hillary’s fashion brand. In fact, the repetitiveness of Hillary’s wardrobe was mocked by the creation of “The Everyday Pantsuit Tee” — which later inspired Matt Drudge, the conservative founder of the Druge Report, to post a photo of Hillary’s campaign head John Podesta in one of the tees with a headline reading “Podesta In Drag For Hillary?”

Hillary’s famous pantsuit look — designed by Nina McLemore — is estimated to cost her about $2,000 for just one outfit and is described by Politico as “the Clinton uniform: boxy blazer, shapeless slacks, simple shirt, statement necklace and sensible shoes.”

However, Instagram is not the only social media outlet that’s seen Hillary’s passion for pantsuits. Clinton also baptized her Twitter profile with the bio, “wife, mom, grandma, hair icon and pantsuit aficionado” — and then “2016 presidential candidate.”