House Democrats And Liberal Organizations Rally Against Obama

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On Wednesday, House Democrats criticized President Obama for not living in “the real world,” allowing himself to be influenced too much by his advisers, and being on the track to “failure.”

Obama has been pursuing legislation to grant him the authority to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a pact that Obama says will facilitate the trade market in the Asia Pacific.

Democratic California Rep. Brad Sherman said Wednesday that while Obama lives “in a cloister where the only people who can get in are the captains of industry and the titans of Wall Street,” congressmen are “out seeing the real world” and “talking to whoever wants to come up and talk to [them]”, The Hill reports. .

Representative Sherman is not the only Democrat rallying against Obama.

Democratic Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur said that the party have a duty to shut down the the President’s bill and “save President Obama from his advisers.”

Additionally, Democratic Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro indicated that Democratic “efforts…must be redoubled” in order to stop the bill.

“Failure, my friend,” she said, “is not an option.”

While the vote on this legislation is scheduled for Friday, numerous liberal protesters lined outside the Capitol on Wednesday to voice their opposition to Obama’s pending bill.

MoveOn.org — a liberal advocacy group — “vowed to mobilize its millions of members to oppose Democrats who vote in favor of the pending bill,” The Hill reports.

And Machinists Union‘s Hassan Solomon had a message for those congressmen considering voting for the “unfair trade deal” from American labor organizations.

“You better start packing your bags right now,” Solomon said. “Because we’re going to fast track you right out of office in 2016.”

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