Clintons’ Convict Friend: Ken Starr Made Me A Better Person

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Bill and Hillary Clintons’ convict crony Webster Hubbell said that Ken Starr’s investigation into his wrongdoing “made me a better person.”

Hubbell, 67, told The Daily Caller that he has no bitterness toward independent prosecutor Starr, whose extensive investigation of the Clintons snared Hubbell for overbilling his clients at Arkansas’ Rose Law Firm — where he worked alongside Hillary Clinton. Hubbell served about a year and a half in prison.

“You always have regrets,” Hubbell said. “I don’t have any bitterness toward anyone, even Ken Starr. He was doing his job. It made me a better person. It gave me time to analyze myself.”

“You learn more from your difficult times than your good times.”

Hubbell was an Arkansas friend of the Clintons who served as Associate Attorney General in the Clinton administration from 1993 until his resignation in disgrace in April 1994.

Hubbell said that he is still in contact with Bill Clinton, but that Hillary cannot speak to him because it would be a political liability.

“I have not talked to [Hillary] in a long time,” Hubbell said. “That’s the nature of politics. Someone with a criminal record is not in a position to talk to someone running for higher office. That’s one of the consequences of making a mistake.”

“The last time I talked to the president [Bill Clinton] was when my first book came out,” Hubbell said, noting that Clinton called him to tell him how much he enjoyed the novel.

“When I was waiting on a liver transplant and the president heard I was close to dying, he got on a plane that day and came to see me,” Hubbell added.

Hubbell refused to confirm or deny the Internet theories that he is actually Chelsea Clinton’s biological father.

“Nothing,” Hubbell said about his opinion of the rumors. “It’s not worthy of a question. I’m not going to answer questions about that. It’s not worthy of being a question.”

Hubbell noted that he still has Arkansas friends who talk to the Clintons on a regular basis, including his high school friend Marcia Scott.

Hubbell, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, spends his life now as a full-time author. He has written two political thrillers, starting with “When Men Betray” in 2014 and “Ginger Snaps,” which was released May 21. The protagonist of his latest book was “thrown in jail by the Feds” before returning to Little Rock to uncover a homicidal conspiracy.

He spends his days “going on book singings, book tours, speaking to churches and rotary clubs, and talking about what it’s like to start a new career at my age.”

Hubbell said that some of his characters are familiar compilations of Clinton administration officials and people he knew in Clinton-world.

“Oh, absolutely,” he said. “Every novel is personally autobiographical. When you read them you’ll recognize personalities. It’s all fiction, but you can manipulate the characters and exaggerate a little bit in places. Every character is a compilation.”

Hubbell made clear what he thinks of Hillary’s chances in the 2016 race.

“I think she’ll be the next president of the United States.”

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