Clinton Spokeswoman: The Public Doesn’t Really Know Hillary [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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With Hillary Clinton’s campaign relaunch set for Saturday in New York, Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney argued Friday that the former secretary of state is mostly unknown by voters.

Finney told CNN’s John Berman that Clinton is “one of the most unknown, well-known people” in the public sphere, adding that the Clinton “caricature” in the media is not accurate.

“I’ve known Hillary Clinton almost 25 years and have worked for her for a very long time,” Finney told Berman. “She’s one of the most unknown, well-known people, and I say that — by that I mean people think they know a lot about Hillary Clinton but there’s been so much caricature and so much put on her that is not necessarily about who she is and her values and her beliefs and what motivates her.”

“I think when you run for president, that’s what people want to know because the ultimate question is ‘can I trust this person to do what is right for my family and for me and for this country,” Finney continued. “And I think part of when voters make that decision is having a sense of ‘okay, I know what motivates this person. I know where this person’s coming from. I get that this person understands my life and my concerns.”