Report: Obama Lacks The Votes To Push TPP Through Congress [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Citing top Democratic sources, CNN host Jake Tapper reported on “New Day” Friday morning that President Barack Obama lacks the votes to pass “fast-track” approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Congress. (VIDEO: CNN: With Obama Polling At ‘Abysmal Numbers,’ White House ‘Can’t Be Happy’)

“This trade vote that’s going to happen in just a few hours,” CNN’s John Berman asked. “Up or down, is President Obama going to get the fast-track authority he wants?”

“The sources I just got off the phone with tell me, Democratic sources on Capitol Hill, that they think there are not the votes, that it is going to either be pulled or go down,” Tapper reported.

“That is as of 7:32 this morning,” he said. “Very informed Democrats telling me that they think it’s not looking good at all, that the bill will be pulled or it will go down.”


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