Podesta On Hillary’s Flip-Flopping: ‘Circumstances Change’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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When pressed over charges that Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on multiple issues Sunday, campaign chairman John Podesta argued on “Meet The Press” that “circumstances change” even though her value set remains.

Podesta remarked to Chuck Todd that there hasn’t been “anybody who’s been more consistent” on the issues than Clinton, adding, however, that “times change” and that “this isn’t 1992” and “not 2008.”

CHUCK TODD: Over the last decade, she’s shifted her position on same-sex marriage, on immigration, on NAFTA, on the Iraq War, on Cuba policy, on criminal justice reform. Just a few that she’s done recently. They’re all to the left — all to the progressive side of things. How should progressives believe these are changes in conviction and not simply changes in convenience because the Democratic electorate has changed.

JOHN PODESTA: Chuck, I don’t think there’s anybody who’s been more consistent in their entire career, from the day she left law school, went to work for the children’s defense fund. From her in Arkansas to First Lady of the United States. She’s fought for children, for families. She’s made her priorities clear, her values clear. You know, times change. A decade ago, I think a lot of people had a different view on marriage equality. Today, the country has shifted. She’s at the forefront of saying that that is a right that every American should have. She’s gone further and said we need to protect the LGBT community in the workplace. So I think circumstances change. This isn’t 1992. It’s not 2008. It’s 2015, and she’ll take positions that are consistent with a set of longtime values that have made her a progressive in the best sense of the word. Fighting for working families, fighting for children, fighting for women across this country and across the world.