Chicago Blackhawks Celebration Ends With 25 Arrests

Andrew Kadar Contributor
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Thousands poured onto the streets of Wrigleyville in celebration after the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0 to win the Stanley Cup. But it wasn’t all fun and games for 25 individuals Monday Night.  

Of those 25, 21 were arrested on misdemeanor charges while the other are now facing felony charges.

This was the Hawks’ third Stanley Cup in six years, but the first win at home since 1938.

Many saw this as a good reason to celebrate.

Fans showered one another with beer. One man leaped off a traffic sign and began crowd surfing. Around 150 fans showed up at Coach Quenneville’s home and toilet papered his home, a tradition.

However, some fans took the partying too far. A thrown beer bottle struck a young boy in the face. One man climbed a traffic light and was quickly met by a group of officers. When they tried arresting him he resisted. He was then tackled by the police. A second individual tried to intervene leading to his arrest as well.

The crowd died down after midnight as crowds moved away from downtown.

[Hat tip: Chicago Tribune]