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Ed Schultz’s Career Picks Up: He Takes A Selfie With An IJReview Reporter At Trump’s Presidential Launch

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz must be in a really good mood these days.

That, or he had no idea that the dark-haired stranger who asked him to take a selfie with him this morning at Trump Tower was none other than a member of the Fourth Estate — not exactly Ed’s cup of tea.

(As some may recall, he refused to converse with reporters at his recent trial in federal court where he was sued by an NBC employee for breach of partnership. The jury ruled in his favor, but he was a grouch all week long, never holding doors for reporters, never minding his manners and saying thank you when they held them for him. When a reporter asked him to join us for lunch in the dumpy cafeteria, he growled, “Don’t talk to me!!!!!!”)

The stealth reporter who achieved selfie greatness with Schultz was Joe Perticone of IJReview, a Benny Johnsonesque political reporter who likes Twitter and listicles. His story this morning was co-bylined with Johnson and detailed what it’s like to be the first reporter to show up to Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign launch in Manhattan.

“The media advisory for the Trump rally said we could arrive at 5AM,” he wrote in his piece. “So I did.”

Perticone later admitted that he had sort of pulled a fast one on Ed — more like a sin of omission. No matter — shockingly Ed looked amused and almost playful in their selfie taken by the Trump ice cream parlor. According to Gawker, this means they are now BFF’s.

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