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Is Donald Trump Running For President Just To Troll BuzzFeed?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Some 16 hours ago BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins was asked if he’d be at Trump Tower Tuesday for Donald Trump’s “BIG” announcement. Coppins replied, “No, I’ll be covering real-life presidential candidate Jeb Bush in NH. But depending on Trump’s announcement I may write something.”

Even mere hours away from Trump’s announcement, Coppins, who wrote a blockbuster story last year on Trump’s phony presidential campaign, was still a doubting Thomas.

Graham Campbell, a part-time D.C. blogger, remarked, “I just think it would have been cool to have you there in front of him eating pizza and texting while he was talking.”

Breitbart NewsMatthew Boyle took time out of his busy schedule shadowing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tucking his small children into bed to remind people that McKay, a married Mormon, supposedly ogled hostess Bianka Pop and a “number of other women” at Trump’s fancy Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach. He linked to the ridiculous story that Trump spoon fed Baby Boyle like Gerber’s applesauce in which he called Coppins a “scumbag” BuzzFeed blogger.

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Can we look forward to Boyle watching Trump get ready for bed as he removes his birds nest and Melania spreads lotion on her legs?

“If Trump becomes President becomes President, McKay Coppins is so fucked,” a D.C. journalist cracked to The Mirror. “He will be dead.”

“Guard the cocktail waitresses,” warned another Washington journo.

Even after the big hour-long announcement, Coppins was still not entirely believing that Trump is a serious presidential candidate.

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The Mirror asked Coppins if he thought Trump’s decision to jump into the race was his way of trolling him. Should he reply, I’ll bring you his response immediately.