Password-Storing Company Gets Hacked

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Taylor Beck Contributor
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Password-storing company LastPass has become the latest victim of cyber attacks after it revealed Monday that its systems were hacked, CNN Money reports.

LastPass is a website that allows users to gain access to all their passwords by only having to remember one, strong master password.

The hackers were able to uncover a variety of different information, including user email addresses, password reminders and encrypted versions of the passwords themselves.

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Although LastPass believes the hackers only accessed the encrypted versions of the master passwords, if users didn’t choose difficult passwords it won’t take much effort to decode them, leaving users in a vulnerable state.

CNN also reports that the password reminders may allow hackers to access personal information if these reminders are easily decipherable with public information. Thus, those who use the site must do everything in their power to properly protect themselves. LastPass advises users to change their master passwords as soon as possible.

As is the case in all other password database hacks, the only users who are safe are those who took the time to complete the two-step authentication process that requires a text message as a second step for access.