Teens Shoot BB Gun, Knocking Out Teeth

Chloe Stevenson Contributor
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Two Michigan teenagers visiting their grandmother in Holly Hill, Fla., shot a BB gun June 8 at the community pool, hitting four people and breaking a woman’s teeth.

The pellets hit four people laying around the community pool. All of those injured were shot in the shoulder, but one woman was shot in the mouth, breaking two of her bottom teeth.

Local police officer Steve Aldrich said 12- and 16-year-old brothers were been ordered to return to their home in Michigan, Fox News reports.

Officers have been in communication with their mother about the incident. Further communication is taking place at the state attorney’s office, and officials in the Michigan office are still determining whether or not these boys will be arrested.

The two teenagers could potentially face extradition to Florida if they are charged with aggravated and simple battery.