The Rachel Dolezal Story Inspires Some Great Parody Songs

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Sometimes you just have to laugh at the news, and some people make that easier to do.

Ron Tankersley is a musician and a great parody song writer. Under the name “The Ronnie Buss,” Tankersley has penned a couple of hilarious parodies of popular songs about the Rachel Dolezal story.

First is a parody of The Rolling Stones song “Paint It Black” as “Rachel Dolezal (Wanted To Be Black).

Next came the U2 song “Angel Of Harlem” as “Rachel Went Harlem.”

Tankersley’s parodies aren’t just reserved for Rachel Dolezal. When a drunken off-duty Maryland police officer was arrested for biting the testicles of a man he’d gotten into a fight with at a bar on Cinco de Mayo, this parody of Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” made a painful event hilarious.

And when Bill Clinton was found to have been jetting around with his pal, billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Tankersley quickly penned this parody of the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song.