A Father’s Day Miracle: Dad Donates Liver To Newborn Son

Matthew Sullivan Contributor
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Parent Brian Munn will celebrate a special Father’s Day after donating part of his liver to his 9-month-old son, Caleb. The procedure will save his son’s life after being diagnosed with end-stage liver disease just three months after his birth.

Caleb was born with Biliary Atresia, which affects liver function by blocking crucial bile ducts, according to a report by Fox News. After three months, the newborn became jaundiced and needed immediate medical attention. It was at this point that parents Brian and Brittany Munn received the terrifying news.

“I guess I was kind of anticipating [the diagnosis], just with the Googling I was doing … but I wasn’t expecting it to be as severe as it was, so it was definitely a shock,” Brittany told

The rush began to locate a viable organ transplant for Caleb. The family reached out to anyone that could donate to their son.

While Brittany was the same blood type, she was not yet six-months postpartum, making her ineligible for the transplant. Brian didn’t even fill out an application, as him and his son have a different blood types.

After two weeks, doctors inquired as to why Brian hadn’t submitted an application to donate to his son. Brian was then informed that children under age of one can receive organ transplants from donors with non-matching blood types.

“That day, I was ready to hop on the operating table, as soon as they told me,” Brian told

The surgery occurred on March 20, but complications with Caleb’s liver kept him in the hospital for the next couple of months. Father’s Day marks one of the first instances where the family can celebrate together.

“Caleb doing really well considering it’s only been three months post-transplant,” Brittney said. “We are so thankful that the doctors were so quick, so decisive and 100 percent both times.”

Supporters of the family have shown their support for Caleb on Twitter.