Putin Opens Military-Themed Propaganda Park

James Longley Contributor
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Vladimir Putin officially opened a military-themed amusement park promoting patriotism for mother Russia near Moscow Tuesday.

The Guardian reports that the theme park named, “Patriot Park” serves Army rationed lunches, souvenirs center around Vladimir Putin, and attractions include using faux grenade launchers and other military weaponry.

It’s all paid for by the defense ministry of Russia, which is picking up the tab of nearly $370 million.

According to the Guardian, Putin arrived to the opening ceremonies via chopper and while giving his speech he announced the addition of 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to Russia’s armory.

The park doubles as an exhibition site and conference center. The first exhibit, titled “Army 2015” displays the latest and greatest military equipment in the Russian arsenals, the Guardian reports.

A number of VIP guests attended the opening of the park and praised it as a testament to Russia’s greatness. The Guardian interviewed Alexander Zaldostanov, who heads a pro-Putin biker gang known as the Night Wolves.

He said, “In Soviet times the army was a distant, faraway thing, but now we all feel closer to the army. The army is being romanticized and I see that as a good thing. If we don’t educate our own children then America will do it for us … like we have seen in Ukraine.”

Zoldostanov’s group plans to open a similar park in Crimea.

The Guardian reports that Patriot Park will be fully completed in 2017 and have a capacity of tens of thousands per day.

Some attractions include recreations of famous historical battles of Russia and the Soviet Union, displays of defense equipment and opportunities for military-style training.

Park goers will be able to go for tank rides, shoot firearms, and participate in extreme sports.

One of the aims of the park is to inspire Russia’s youth to not only be proud of their country but to want to serve it through joining the armed services.