Trump’s Favorite Recent President Is Clinton [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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 MANCHESTER, N.H.–In an interview that will air tomorrow, June 18, on “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed that Bill Clinton was his favorite president in recent history.

Co-host Mark Halperin asked Trump of the recent presidents Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, or Obama, which one was his favorite and why?

Trump responded, “Well, I would say Clinton probably. I would have to say Clinton. There was a little spirit. Frankly, had he not met Monica—had he not met Paula—had he not met various and sundry semi- beautiful women, he would’ve had a much better deal going for him. Do you agree with that, Joe? He was destroyed by that. He was really hurt by that, but he’s teflon. ”

Trump is expected to give remarks at a rally in Manchester Wednesday evening at the local community college.