Fighting Age-Related Muscle Loss

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Did you know that you start to lose muscle at a mere 30 years of age? Whether we like it or not, muscle starts to degenerate with each decade of life. This age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, springs from many factors, including inactivity, inadequate protein and increased levels of the regulatory protein myostatin, which impedes muscle growth. Clinical studies have shown that high levels of myostatin can lead to reduced muscle mass.
Sarcopenia impacts overall health as well. Age-related muscle loss can limit daily activities of living and increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as cardiovascular, neurological, and orthopedic diseases.
That said there are steps you can take to help stem the effects of sarcopenia.
Incorporate Exercise
Moderate physical activity, along with resistance training, can help promote muscle growth and reduce the impact of this biological event.
Focus on Food
As you age, adequate protein intake plays an important role in maintaining muscle health.
Nutritional Supplements
Re Muscle Health Products feature the revolutionary bionutritional supplement Fortetropin, described on MYOS Corporation’s website as “the only safe and naturally occurring myostatin inhibitor available with a clinically demonstrated positive effect on both muscle thickness and lean body mass compared to placebo.” Fortetropin is a proprietary product of the MYOS Corporation.
MYOS’ Re Muscle Health nutrition products are formulated to help protect and preserve lean, healthy muscle tissue. The product line includes: bars, powders and meal-replacement shakes designed to be used daily to supplement a sensible workout regimen, or simply as part of a regular healthy diet to promote muscle health and lean body mass. The products contain a 6.6 gram serving of Fortetropin along with 20 grams of protein.
In clinical trials, Fortetropin, the active ingredient in Re Muscle Health products, was associated with a reduction in myostatin levels, as well as an increase in lean body mass and muscle thickness.
It’s important to note that the “Re” in “Re Muscle Health” stands for Rebuild, Rejuvenate, Results. Dr. Buzz Aldrin, decorated combat pilot, Apollo astronaut and member of the company’s board of directors, believes the products, which he uses daily, live up to the name.
“I am pleased that Re Muscle Health is tailored to the aging population as well as athletes and the fitness community,” noted Dr. Aldrin, a former intercollegiate athlete and pole vaulter, in a company press release. “MYOS is doing important groundbreaking work in muscle health, and I rely on Re Muscle Health products to help me maintain my lean muscle. They taste great and I’ve seen tremendous results,” Dr. Aldrin said.
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