Maury Wants To Tell Rachel Dolezal Who Her Daddy Really Is

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

A candidate with a lot of experience in the paternity department has volunteered to help Rachel Dolezal figure out who her real parents are.

None other than Maury Povich.

After Dolezal’s parents outed her as white a week ago, the former NAACP chapter president said there is “no biological proof” that white people Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal are her parents, even though they provided several photos of her as a child.

Now Maury wants to help. (SLIDESHOW: 10 Models Who Are Just As Black As Rachel Dolezal)


Maury wants to interview Rachel Dolezal

(Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Paul Faulhaber is the executive producer for the television show, and he said they are actively trying to book Dolezal, TMZ reports.

Faulhaber wants all three on so they can give them DNA tests and reveal the results on TV. (RELATED: Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Cried Reading Caitlyn Jenner’s Story’)

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