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Obama Is Doing Podcasts Now

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If the President of the United States doesn’t care anymore, why should I?

Dominic Patten, Deadline:

Seems Barack Obama is coming to L.A. this week for more than just Hollywood cash. After big-bucks fundraisers at Chuck Lorre and Tyler Perry’s not-inconsiderable Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills pads on Thursday, the leader of the free world is going to spend a little bit of time on Friday morning in a garage in Highland Park doing a podcast. Of course, the fact that the garage is the HQ of the widely downloaded WTF With Marc Maron probably sweetens the appeal for the President, who is making his debut on the show.

If you don’t know WTF a “Marc Maron” is, there’s no reason you should. You may remember him as the guy who mocked GOP National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman for being gay. But you probably don’t remember him for that, or for anything else. He’s no GloZell.

But this is sure to be a hard-hitting interview. I’m sure Maron will ask about the Chinese hacking us, or Obama trying to hand Iran their nukes on a silver platter, or Obamacare crashing and burning, or ISIS, or some other topic that’s actually important. Maron, not the White House, is controlling the agenda. Gotta be, right?

You’re not being used for propaganda purposes, Marc. No, really. Seriously. You’re not a puppet.