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If You’re Going To Fake A Rape, Remember To Take Off Your Fitbit

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As we all know, rape is such a horrible crime that it doesn’t matter whether or not a particular rape actually happened. Rape hoaxes are so exceedingly rare that we should dismiss any evidence that contradicts a rape accusation. If we don’t, we’re rape deniers and we’re perpetuating rape culture.

Way to go, Fitbit. Way to hate women.

Brett Hambright, LancasterOnline (PA):

Police officers acting on a 9-1-1 dispatch found overturned furniture inside an East Lampeter Township home on March 10.

A knife and bottle of vodka also were found at the home where a woman claimed she was raped by a stranger at midnight.

Further investigating – including a review of a Fitbit activity tracker – showed the scene was staged and 43-year-old Jeannine Risley knowingly filed a false report, police allege…

Officers who responded on March 10 were told a man in his 30’s, wearing boots, came into the home and assaulted the woman before raping her, according to the affidavit.

Risley said she was asleep and awoke around midnight to the man on top of her.

However, a Fitbit device Risley was wearing told a different story, the affidavit shows.

The device, which monitors a person’s activity and sleep, showed Risley was awake and walking around at the time she claimed she was sleeping.

Also, there were no bootprints in the snow outside, or on the hardwood floor of the bedroom.

Of course, just because there’s direct evidence that she lied, that doesn’t prove she lied. It still could’ve happened exactly the way she said it did, and there’s no way you can convince anybody who doesn’t want to be convinced.


Technology can be a useful tool for the rape hoaxer, but inevitably it leads to the hoaxer’s downfall. Social media can catapult a mattress-carrying liar all the way to the State of the Union Address, but then her text-message record can show her for the fraud she is. (And if she subsequently decides to post amateur porn online, well…) A once-respected magazine can put a rape hoaxer in the headlines, but then a handful of bloggers questioning the story can bring it all crashing down.

Fortunately for rape-hoax deniers, this woman didn’t become a cause célèbre before her story fell apart. So they’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. And the narrative will prevail, and the falsely accused will continue to pay for crimes they didn’t commit.

God bless America.

(Hat tip: the evil Sonny Bunch)

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