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NBC’s Chuck Todd Dings Donald Trump On Sunday Show

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Sunday morning political shows were expectedly filled with thoughtful reflection on the Charleston church killings.

Enter Donald Trump: A presidential hopeful who NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd refuses to take seriously.

“I guess in the 21st century I didn’t think we were going to have race-based massacres,” Todd began in a conversation with NYT op-ed columnist David Brooks.

“Life transformed by faith…it’s an example to the rest of us, all of us who are politics with these little petty feuds and here’s a bunch of families who have forgiven that?” remarked Brooks, referring to the forgiveness family members bestowed on murder suspect Dylann Roof, who shot nine people to death to this because they were black.

Todd contrasted that with the brash presidential hopeful.

“Donald Trump was the story earlier this week,” he said. “Could there be anything more opposite of wanting to discuss in America?”

(Translation: Could there be a subject as ridiculous or unimportant as Trump?)

Trump and Todd have had bad blood for awhile.

In January, Todd questioned Trump’s non-candidacy.

“Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump,” he said.

Trump retaliated by saying he should have Todd’s job. He also called him a “dummy” and “one of the dumbest voices in politics.”