Feds Detain At Least One Border Crosser…James O’Keefe!

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents Monday while returning through an airport to U.S. soil. Why? Because he once filmed a video in which he crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without going through customs. And customs agents told him he will be detained every single time he enters the country from overseas henceforth.

O’Keefe’s August video, published exclusively at the time by The Daily Caller, showed the conservative filmmaker freely crossing back and forth between the United States and Mexico dressed as Osama bin Laden, to make a point about Islamic radicals being able to pour onto domestic U.S. soil.

But that was enough to get him detained at the airport and to have an “X” marked on his passport.

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