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Irritated Man Gives POTUS The Finger In Palm Springs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A traffic jam is often the best determination of a person’s fabric.

Do you remain calm and pass the time contemplating life and listening to your favorite Pandora channel — or do you completely lose your shit?

The latter was in full force over the weekend when President Obama and his motorcade blocked a stretch of road heading toward Palm Springs International airport. A white-haired man wasn’t terribly thrilled about the situation.

From a White House pool report by LAT‘s Christi Parsons:

“Some of the guys at the Rancho Super car wash paused their washing to video the spectacle. … In the final stretch, one white-haired man stuck in the traffic blockade stepped out of his car and extended both middle fingers for the passing entourage. Most of the other stalled motorists simply held up their hand-held devices.”

Editor’s note: The above scene is people stuck waiting on a presidential motorcade on Martha’s Vineyard.