Is Carly Fiorina Winning The ‘Viral’ Video Campaign?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Viral videos aren’t a new thing for Carly Fiorina. After all, who could forget the bizarre “Demon-Sheep” ad? But in her SuperPAC’s latest effort, “Titles Are Not Accomplishments,” Fiorina seems to have found a way to gain online traction — without the gimmicks.

Indeed the video — which is now approaching 500,000 views (OK, so maybe technically it has to hit a million to be “viral”?) — is all about sending a very serious and specific message: Unlike Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina has “actually accomplished something.”

“Titles are not accomplishments, I’ve had a lot of titles,” Fiorina says in one part of the video, which was produced by Jason Killian Meath at Meath Media Group.

“Flying is not an accomplishment, it is an activity,” she avers in another.

… Maybe I’m missing something, but the attention and “views” garnered by this video, posted on June 10, seem to be dwarfing similar videos posted by other Republican contenders. And the reason, one suspects, is that this hits a nerve. Conservatives are eager for someone who can take the fight to Hillary, and Fiorina (the only other woman running) is uniquely positioned to do just that.

Truth be told, it’s unclear whether these “viral” videos ever translate into votes — but getting a lot of attention for your video seems better than the alternative. Clearly, President Obama was able to leverage his digital popularity into electoral success, and one does worry that Hillary’s eCampaign (are we still calling them that?) might similarly run circles around her Republican opponents.

Either way, the good news for Republicans is that, whether Fiorina wins the nomination, or not, she’s slowly chipping away at the presumed Democratic nominee. One “view” at a time.