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Our Moral, Ethical, And Intellectual Betters At The Associated Press Show Us What They Think Of Ted Cruz

Good news, Cruz-haters. If you’ve ever fantasized about what you’d like to do to him for reminding everybody the Second Amendment exists, you’ve got friends at The Associated Press.

Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that one of their photographers was standing in this exact spot at this exact moment. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything that none of their editors thought it was a bad idea to run this photograph. Maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Awww, don’t cry, teabaggers. If you love guns so much, what’s the problem with showing your favorite gun nut with a pistol to his head? You love killing people with your big bad penis-substitutes, don’t you? You especially love killing non-white people like Ted Cruz. So, what’s the big deal? Boo-hoo-hoo!!


The AP is denying that this is anything out of the ordinary, and everybody will play along because Cruz is a Republican. Tell your story walkin’, wingnuts. Nothing to see here.