Confederate Flag Campaign Pins Of Both Clintons’ Pasts

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Although Confederate flags and emblems they attached themselves to are wiped off store shelves by management and local DMV license plate offices in Virginia, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Tennessee Sen. Al Gore flaunted the symbol during their 1992 campaign for the White House.

Looking to capture the south back from Republicans, Democrats nominated a pair of Ivy League-educated, southern men who could campaign in the deep south to a demographic that felt cast off by Democrats at the time.

Rectangular Clinton-Gore 1992 pins campaign pins of the Confederate flag were passed around, as well as a circular Confederate flag pin showing both Clinton’s and Gore’s heads atop of grey Confederate uniforms with the words “Sons of the New South” emblazoned on the pin.

Clinton-Gore '92 Confederate flagClinton-Gore Confederate flage

The pandering did not stop with Bill. His wife and now Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got in on the Confederate flag campaign action in 2008 during her first run for president. One campaign South Carolina primary pin is a circular Confederate Flag with the words “Arkansas Travelers In Support of Hillary Clinton For President.” It’s currently going for around $400.00 on EBay.

Hillary Clinton Confederate Flag

Alabama Democrats made a similar button for Mrs. Clinton at the time. However, at the bottom of the flag shown on the pin are the words “Heritage not Hate.” This pin is selling for around $300.00.

Hillary Clinton Confederate Flag

Paul Begala, co-chair of the Hillary Clinton Super PAC said on CNN that Clinton will have to answer for standing by her husband when both defended Arkansas’s own flag that has a blue star, representing its membership in the Confederacy.