MSNBC Staffers Once Chanted ‘F*** Brian Williams’ After Host Ripped Cable News [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Phil McCarten

Al Weaver Reporter
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While Brian Williams is set to resurrect his career at MSNBC, a tenuous relationship between staffers at the network could hinder his comeback after a prior Williams report on cable news.

According to New York Post’s Page Six, MSNBC staffers chanted “Fuck Brian Williams” after the then-Nightly News host railed against cable news “blowhards” during an episode of the short-lived “Rock Center” with Ted Koppel.

Williams, who served as managing editor and anchor of the show, aired a two-part report about “partisan ranting” by cable news hosts, opening the segment by calling cable news “corrosive and does nothing to help compromise in this country.”

MSNBC staffers did not take kindly to the report, with them doing the chant at a holiday party. One Page Six source called the chant “a rallying cry.”


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