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Quote of the Day:


— FNC Senate producer Kara Rowland, opining on ABC’s “The Bachelor” contestant Nick Viall, who now infamously had sex with the Bachelorette pre-fantasy suite.



Headlines of the Day:

(From WSJ and The Verge)

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.50.56 PMheadline

Columnist: Trump will be good for the debates

“But fret not, Trump-hating righties: There is a silver lining to this loud-mouthed, egotistical, hyper-populist caricature headed for the debate stage in Cleveland. Yes, really. …Short version: The sooner these first-timers get used to having a verbal flame-thrower trained on them while being showered with gasoline and grenades, the better. Enter Donald Trump.” Liz Mair for IJReview. Read the full piece here.

Sally Kohn on a rant about white privilege

“OK, for the bizillionth time…Acknowledging white privilege and racial bias, including my own, is NOT SELF-LOATHING. Think harder, people.” — CNN contributor Sally Kohn.

Journo has sadness about Bobbi Kristina 

“I’m weird amounts of sad about this Bobbi Kristina situation.” — Bethany Mandel, freelancer.

BREAKING: Wesley Lowery has self-awareness 

“A really important convo to be had about best practices for how local/national media can compliment each other’s journalism when news breaks. (I say that having been both the local guy pissed at CNN/NYT & the obnoxious national guy running around your city like he knows something)” — WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery.

Fournier reports an interesting wake-up call 

“Security guy at this hotel who called a guest with a 430a wake-up to ask whether last night’s guest left clothes behind, don’t ever change.” — National Journal serial tweeter Ron Fournier.

And now a word from BuzzFeed‘s Washington bureau 

“We’re looking for a new congressional reporter. Bamas need not apply.” — Washington bureau chief John Stanton. The description reads: “This reporter should have fantastic news judgment and a real enthusiasm for causing trouble.” Also: “Good sense of humor and eye for the absurd.” Also: “Emotional intelligence.”

A classic Humblebrag…

“G’nite, sweet tweeps. Up early to make @JoeNBC’s coffee.” — Fournier.

The Braggart 

“I have some prisoner-made art work, from the late Jim Traficant. #beammeup” — The Weekly Standard’s Jim Swift.

Tweet taken entirely out of context 

“What’s the best way to make my butt bigger?” — Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry.


“Overheard in the White House basement ‘McDonalds run anyone? … I know nothing says Affordable Care Act like McDonalds.'” — WSJ‘s Byron Tau.

Question: “Who amongst us has not placed power tools in raw meat?” — Bloomberg PoliticsMark Halperin.