Census Report Shows Majority Of Americans Under Age Five Are Minorities

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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America is becoming more diverse, and youthful. Ninety-five percent of population growth over the past year came from minorities, and millennials now outnumber baby boomers, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S Census Bureau.

Millennials, Americans born between 1982 and 2000, are 44.2 percent minority, a larger amount than previous generations. They also now outnumber the 75.4 million Baby Boomers by 7.7 million.

The Census Bureau studied changes within the American populace between April 1, 2010, and July 1, 2014.

For the third year in a row, Non-Hispanic deaths outnumbered the amount of Non-Hispanic births. The minority birth-rate in the U.S outpaces deaths by three to one.

Whites made up 80 percent of deaths last year, while 95 percent of population growth came from minorities.

“The white population is considerably older than any other part of the population. This means it has higher mortality. Fewer women are in their prime child-bearing years,” said University of New Hampshire demographer Ken Johnson.

Children under 5 are now 50.2 percent minority. “This year is the first time the 0 to 4 population is minority-majority,” said Ben Bolender, chief of the Census Bureau’s population estimates branch.

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Four states, and the District of Columbia are now minority-majority. Nevada is close to joining this group with 48.5 percent of the state minority.

The report also showed new trends in immigration, with China now replacing Mexico as the largest source of migrants to the United States.