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It’s Not Racist If He’s A Republican

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Ladies and gentlemen: The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi.

Some of those are kind of funny, even the ones that aren’t true. But there’s a palpable sense of betrayed rage behind them. Bobby Jindal isn’t really Indian. If he was, he would flaunt the appropriate signifiers. How dare he fail to flaunt the appropriate signifiers? Doesn’t he know he’s just a box to check off? Who does he think he is, an American?

There’s only one right way to be Indian. Or black, or gay, or a woman, or whatever you are. There’s only one right way. If you don’t comply, you’re not authentic. You’re not really Indian, or black, or gay, or a woman, or whatever you are. You must be who and what you’re expected to be, or you will be hated for your impertinence.

Well, that is, if you belong to the wrong political party.

And if you don’t like it: Shut up, racist.

Conform, Bobby Jindal. Join the Democratic Party. Embrace identity politics. Wash away your sins.