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Jezebel Editor Makes HORRIFYING Admission: She LIKES Ann Coulter

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Jezebel, a site known for its feminist views and liberal outlook, has a managing editor, Erin Ryan, who has declared the unthinkable: She likes conservative commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter. They unlikely pair joined a “Race Wars” podcast this week.

The question on the table: Why isn’t anyone outraged by Ann Coulter anymore? (Asked by a fellow tweeter.)

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But actually, there are people who are still outraged with Coulter.

“During the podcast I actually pointed out that liberal men are mean to her in a way they’re not mean to conservative men,” Ryan told The Mirror. “It’s almost like…. they think their left-wing status inoculates them from sexism. Huh!”

Much to her shock, Ryan explained, “People were saying stuff like ‘PUNCH HER IN THE FACE’ to me on social media.”

To commemorate the moment with Coulter, a friend made this photo for her.

(By the way…Coulter is an occasional columnist for The Daily Caller.)